Izix A *nix hobby OS


Izix is a hobby OS for x86 written in the C programming language. It was created by Isabell Cowan for entertainment and education. It aims to provide a POSIX complaint (or near POSIX complaint API) for lightweight applications targeting Unix-like platforms. Development is done at github.com/Izzette/izix. Currently, Izix only supports booting with Izixboot, which can be found at github.com/Izzette/izixboot. Izix is in the infancy of its development; up until now, it has served as little more than a kernel to test Izixboot with. Now that Izixboot is considered feature complete, Izix will be under going a rapid development cycle with aims to become ready to introduce a userspace and syscall interface. For the projects progress and further documentation, see the GitHub repository. Contributions are always welcome!